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  • A positive impact to preserve our health and our planet

  • Crusoé, a story of adventure!

    Crusoé, inspired by nature. The story begins in a CNRS research laboratory with Dr Claude Grison who has developed a plant repellent active ingredient derived from organic essential oils recognized for their repellent properties. The association produces an efficient innovative repellent molecule. After nearly 4,000 mosquitoes behavioral tests and nearly 300 syntheses of different molecules by her teams Dr Claude Grison found the right association and then decides to integrate it into a certified organic mosquito repellent formula. The formula is refreshing and lemony scent, respectful of the skin and the environment.
  • Commitment

    Scientifically proven effectiveness

    Crusoé is the first organic mosquito repellent spray made in France with a patented plant active ingredient with formidable effectiveness. Resulting from several years of scientific research, it combines the power of nature and green chemistry to take care of your health and offer you the best of nature.

    Safety of a natural product

    Our blend of bio-based compounds is 100% organic certified by Ecogarantie, the most demanding Belgian organic label at European level. All the active plant substances come from reasoned and organic cultures certified by Ecocert.

    A responsible product made in France

    Crusoe is produced in France.  Formulated in our bio-inspired organic chemistry laboratory in Montpellier and manufactured by a partner producer in New Aquitaine, we are committed to offering you a qualitative product with sustainable packaging.

  • Meet Dr. Claude Grison

    Dr Claude Grison has developed an effective repellent active ingredient resulting from synergic organic essential oils known for their repellent propertie. The process of synthesis is green and ecological green chemistry that consumes little natural resources. 3 years of research and a scientific patent later, she decided to integrate it into a 100% natural formula respectfull of the skin and the environment.
    Meet Dr. Claude Grison
  • Ecology at the heart of scientific process

    Crusoé, inspired by nature. From ingredients to packaging, Crusoé mosquito repellent spray has been developed in accordance with ecological production principles. Dr Claude Grison and her team has a  fine knowledge of the olfactory receptors of mosquitoes, biodiversity and living processe so they manage to find this innovation in an ecological way with low energy chemistry process. The powerfull repellent action founded in nature is respectful of your skin and the environment.
    Ecology at the heart of scientific process